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We are proud to present the J.N.Shapiro Resurgence. An exquisite, completely in-house, California-made watch. 


The J.N. Shapiro Resurgence features a multi-layered dial in customizable colors. It comprises separately engine-turned sectors that showcase multiple patterns, including barleycorn and Shapiro’s distinctive Infinity weave. Each layer is a different piece of metal, engine-turned separately, trimmed and painstakingly milled for a perfect fit.

The subdial is decorated with a miniaturized moiré pattern usually reserved for the complete dial. Every numeral is individually machined and black polished.


The craftsmanship in this work of art is further exemplified by the traditionally engine-turned mid-case, historically seen only on the finest pocket watches. The barleycorn decoration completely encircles the 38mm case, with detachable lugs designed to screw in from the side to avoid disrupting the guilloché. The case height is a slim 8.7mm excluding the crystal.


The J.N. Shapiro Resurgence is a micromechanical wonder that offers clients a choice of three free-sprung, hand-engraved movements with hacking seconds, beating at 18,000 BPH. There are also options for decoration styles beyond the damaskeening currently rendered. 

Damaskeening is the American equivalent of Côtes de Genève, a finish previously popular on American pocket watches. The J.N. Shapiro watchmakers replicate this effect by using a spinning abrasive on their engine-turning machines (as per Côtes de Genève) to execute stunning wavy patterns.

J.N.Shapiro has also gone all out on the anglage (chamfering), especially emphasizing internal angles. The wheels in the movement are 14k rose gold, with rounded and polished spokes. 

All components made and finished in our workshop excluding jewels and springs.

Available in...

- 18k Rose Gold Case and Accents
- Frosted Silver White Dial

18k Rose Gold Case and Accents

Frosted Silver White Dial


18k Rose Gold Case and Accents

Dark Grey Zirconium Dial


18k White Gold Case and Accents

Frosted Silver Dial


Tantalum Case and White Gold Accents

Navy Dial


Steel Case and Blued Numerals

Frosted Silver Dial


Dark Zirconium Case and Dial

Purple Accents


Movement A


Movement B


Movement C


18k White Gold Case- $85,000

18k Rose Gold Case- $85,000

Tantalum Case- $80,000

Zirconium- $70,000

Stainless Steel- $70,000

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Thank you very much for your time and consideration. We have named this series “Resurgence” because the J.N.Shapiro team is deeply passionate about restoring American watchmaking. Our whole journey has been building up to these timepieces made to an incredibly high standard. We hope you will join us for a California Resurgence in watchmaking!


Josh Shapiro