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In Pursuit of Perfection

My name is Joshua Shapiro, and I am  the founder and CEO of the eponymous brand J.N. Shapiro Watches. I am also an educator with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in U.S History.  I  began by making traditional engine-turned dials for other watchmakers. In 2018, I  launched the Infinity Series, which featured highly complex, engine-turned dials with traditional and exotic materials. Soon after, in December of 2021, we produced the first tantalum wrist watch cases made outside of Switzerland for the Infinity Series.

The Resurgence is the latest of our creations, a fully U.S. made watch in development for over four years. It is a culmination of a dream that began from the humblest of starts. Our watches are meant to inspire individuals to pursue perfection, to enjoy both the journey and the destination.