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In Pursuit of Perfection

I began my watchmaking journey seven years ago, a natural progression stemming from my love of history, and background growing up in a machine shop. I started by skeletonizing ETA movements while simultaneously working through the British Horological Institute’s distance learning program.

In 2013, I became captivated by the arcane art of engine-turning after reading George Daniels Watchmaking. For three years, I practiced engine-turning and machining, slowly acquiring better equipment and increasing in skill. In 2016, I felt competent enough to create engine-turned watch dials for others – most notably the master clock and watchmaker David Walter.

During this time, the idea for the Infinity Series first emerged. In addition to creating dials for others, I wanted to leave my own mark on American Horology. The Infinity Series is the manifestation of that goal. A watch that is simple, elegant, timeless, but contributes to the evolution of horology and engine-turning.

In addition to watchmaking, I love to spend time with my wonderful wife and children. When I’m not watchmaking, I work as a high school principal, and try to find ways to get machine shop skills back into the classroom. I’ve also spent many years teaching and have a B.A. from UCLA and an M.A. from CSUN both in History.